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Celebrity n drama

Marx GothenburgThis set features Hollywood film stars and was issued to celebrate the Gothenburg Film Festival. The kiss comes from Jenny, my wife, the giver of the pack.


Kennedy cards

This pack was issued in 1963 the year that JFK was gunned down. It captures the optimism and the aura that surrounded the Kennedy clan at the time.  The donkey is the Democrat campaign mascot and Lyndon B Johnson is on Jack's right shoulder. He was to take Kennedy's place as President hours after his assassination with Jacqueline at his side.


China bikes

There was a time when Westerners, like cars, were a rare thing in Beijing.


Comic theatre

Comic theatre



I liked the Rolleiflex so much, I bought one. My one is here. Definitely from a bygone era, you have to be selective in what you shoot as this camera only allows 12 shots per roll of film.


Peaking Shark


Mask Mask

Japanese Kyogen theatre masks from Snowshill Manor (National Trust)



4 July 1905, Pueblo, Colorado (Library of Congress). Eunice Winkles rides bareback on her horse and dives 12 metres into a shallow pool of water. No injuries to horse nor rider apparently and she got her prize of 100 dollars.


Royalty Morcambe

I stopped collecting jokers at the turn of the millennium. These images are all scans from photo albums all the images and cards are lifesize. If I had desktop publishing skills I could have made smarter juxtapositions but they are what they are. When I compiled these combinations I had never planned on placing them online and so if you are a photographer and want a credit or for me to take them down; or if you have more information about the jokers, then please get in touch.....