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Saucy n Slapstick

MenfishA joker, a page torn from a magazine, and a personal photo. The picture is of me and was taken in the Eighties at Olu Deniz in Turkey.


Adrink Worm Upskirt


Cliff WattsCliff Watts shoots Ohne Titel in .... magazine.


Marie ClaireModel shoot from Marie Claire French edition.


ChessboardMelons on wrapping paper.


Titbits Bottoms up Saucy

I stopped collecting jokers at the turn of the millennium. These images are all scans from photo albums all the images and cards are lifesize. If I had desktop publishing skills I could have made smarter juxtapositions but they are what they are. When I compiled these combinations I had never planned on placing them online and so if you are a photographer and want a credit or for me to take them down; or if you have more information about the jokers, then please get in touch.....