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Here are a few of my Ingenia articles. If you click on the image you'll see the pdf of the article laid out for print. If you click on the text you'll get taken to the website html version.

My Ingenia articles

Mary Rose

Ingenia 74 March 2018

REMAP inventions

Ingenia 76 September 2018

Liquid Air Storage

Ingenia 78 March 2019

Increasing biofuel use

Ingenia 78 March 2019

Wheelchairs That Access All Areas

Ingenia 79 June 2019

Singing in the rain

Ingenia 83 June 2020

Transporting gas

Ingenia 84 September 2020

How landfils work

Ingenia 86 March 2021

Immersive technology

Ingenia 88 September 2021

Lawnmower technology

Ingenia 89 December 2021

Recyclable wind turbines

Ingenia 91 June 2022

Fruit pickers

Ingenia 93 December 2022